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Smart Marketing To Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings

August 23, 2016 by ccbass0077

Owners, Are Your Bookings Down?

*If you book guests direct, we can help your online marketing.

Travelers are searching online to save money on vacation.  How many contact you?

We advertise your vacation rental for more exposure.

Quit spending hours and days trying to Do-It-Yourself.  We use all major Search Engines and Social Media channels to increase your marketing.


Your listing on our site displays links to your rental site, your existing booking page, phone number, email, contact form or any way you book guests.  Saving guests and yourself from 3rd party booking/service fee and owner commissions.  No need to set up more redundant dashboards, accounts, payment systems and confusing time wasting steps. 


Creating an account with us is easy.  Sign up below at only $29 per month for a 1 year term.  That’s right.  For the price of a modest lunch, you can stop pretending to be an internet marketer.

As soon as we receive confirmation of payment with an acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions  accepted we send you an email requesting a link from you where your existing listing info and photos can be found. We will upload your listing to our site for free. Our site is SEO, Mobile Responsive and Social Media optimized.


Don’t get penalized for lack of web marketing knowledge! We specialize in online marketing.

Direct contact from guest to you, the owner. We will insert your calendar link and list your phone number and email clearly.


Our Current Social Media Campaigns Feature Your Listings

Facebook 3.5K – Twitter 1,000,000’s Views/Followers  – Instagram

Here’s what you get 24/7

  1. Listing on this site with all your contact info

  2. Placement On Facebook Page – Click to view

  3. Twitter Marketing (+70,000 followers) – Click to view

  4. Instagram Exposure – Click to view property listing with over 4,400 likes!

  5. YouTube video and marketing – Sample Below

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More travelers are searching online to save money after seeing such an increase in Online Travel Sites fees for both owners and guests. Glad to see this website come up 1st on the major search engines.
Mark A. Thank you

Our bookings are way down after other vacation travel websites started charging excessive service and booking fees. Sometimes as high as an extra $500.00 just to book.
Amber L. Vacation home owner


  1. Charge Booking, Service or Percentage of fees on ANY transaction.
  2. Favorite one listing over another for an additional charge.
  3. Set your cancellation policy.
  4. Warn guests about contacting you direct.
  5. Ask you to review your guests.
  6. Display pop-ups, upsells, side sells or bait and switch pricing. You set the terms.
  7. Hold your payment until guests arrive.
  8. Force apps on your visitors and have settings changed by site owners.
  9. Force you to take any booking.
  10. Get in-between you and your guests.
  11. Never tell you where to market or how best to represent your business.
  12. Tell you to list your property on our site for FREE, only to change listing terms and more fees later.


  1. Upload your listing
  2. List 3 reviews provided by you
  3. Let guests know they are about to save money renting the same home from the same owner/manager, for less.
  4. Start marketing your property
  5. Upload or even help create a small video of home(time permitting) and post on site.
  6. Encourage direct contact
  7. Click to call(smartphone)
  8. Freely link to your reservation site
  9. Encourage emailing direct(without a warning about dealing with the person who owns/manages the damn property)
  10. Share, Highlight and send help tips about online marketing and show you how to REMARKET to past guests



Easy – Simple – Book Direct and Save $(BIG)

*Non-Refundable: Make sure you are committed to saving your guests money and increase bookings.

Yes, I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions
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I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions